residential floor plan

Single Family Homes

Basalay Cary & Alstadt Architects has worked with many clients over the years to create new homes and home additions which best meet the owner’s needs within an affordable budget. BC&A will meet with the client to discuss what the client is envisioning for their new home and can also provide guidance to the client in any areas of the design which they are unsure. Relying on many years of expertise BC&A is able to help clients visualize what they truly need in a home to avoid paying for more than they require. Once the design goals are finalized BC&A will present a design solution for review. This will include floor plans, building elevations and possibly a computer generated 3D-model. At this point BC&A can also provide help in picking out finishes, fixtures, and appliances. Once the design is finalized the client has a few options. They can either get competitive bids for the project, or simply negotiate a contract with a builder. BC&A can be as involved as the client wants in the process of working with the builder during construction.