Location: 755 Bennett Ave., Oglesby, IL

The existing building was provided with new heating and cooling systems, replacement windows, remodeled administration offices, new lighting, and finishes in all of the corridors. The west addition comprised seven classrooms and new kitchen facility that serves the entire district. The south addition consisted of 13 classrooms, district offices, a library, computer lab, special education offices, gymnasium and mechanical facilities. The existing seven classrooms and the 20 new classrooms provide the pre-k through 5th grade elementary school with a total of 27 classrooms. Due to site constraints, the south addition combined with the existing building created a street-front façade 485 feet long. In order to break down the excessive horizontal image, the addition façade stepped in and out with various massing and window groupings, creating the effect of a scale similar to that of a community business district. The final result was a school that was under budget, successfully blended old and new, provided the district with the necessary facilities to accommodate their desired educational programs, and also provided classrooms for anticipated growth.