Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings and environments support resources for productivity, uniting the energies of people, technology and innovation to produce commerce. Driven by the changing climate of global economies, today’s commercial environments must remain versatile and highly responsive to meet the evolving needs of competition. Creating environments of human resources and commercial prosperity BCA Architects, Ltd. incorporates diverse dynamics into sustainable designs.

BCA Architects one-of-a-kind commercial design solutions are created specifically for each and every project. We have no preconceptions, no prototypes and no single style. Understanding both office work flow and contemporary office workspace tools is essential to the successful design of today’s office. BCA has a long history of blending technology with aesthetics in creating functional and productive office environments. Working closely with clients, BCA Architects determine the appropriate design solution for each individual project. To build consensus at every step, the project management process is tailored to the client’s expectations, budget and schedule. Ensuring that the key issues are resolved and agreed upon early allows for a shared understanding of the project goals throughout the process.

New construction, additions and renovations benefit from BCA Architects project delivery strategy which is guided by an experienced principal from initial contact to completion. Special emphasis is placed on the project’s management of time, material, and cost to aid in protecting the Owner’s interest, provide optimal technical solutions and cost-saving options. BCA is focused on maximizing quality while minimizing costs to deliver space solutions for secure, functional environments.