Municipal Buildings

Government and municipal buildings dictate a level of functionality that is durable and survivable with extreme use and minimal maintenance. Architectural creativity is the foundation for highly functional, low maintenance design. BCA Architects’ extensive experience brings value to governmental and institutional design by our unique ability to balance aesthetics with functionality.

BCA Architects “hands-on” approach begins with a principal conducting a series of interviews with end-users to determine the limitations of their current space and to develop a vision for a new space. Recognizing that productivity and environmental forces are intrinsically connected, BCA focuses on building elements that are functional, economical and – more importantly – livable environments where inhabitants can thrive.

New construction, additions and renovations benefit from BCA Architects project delivery strategy which is guided by an experienced principal from initial contact to completion. Special emphasis is placed on the project’s management of time, material, and cost to aid in protecting the Owner’s interest, provide optimal technical solutions and cost-saving options. BCA is focused on maximizing quality while minimizing costs to deliver space solutions for secure, functional environments.